It's Gonna be OK


acrylic gouache & pencil on cotton paper

t410 w310 mm

July 29 2020

HiroYuki Studio(Established 2018- )

HiroYuki Studio is a Japanese / Korean artist duo who develops character art using various media such as drawings, paintings and installations, and presents works through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. and the Web.

Urban Cat Project

The project started by observing the urban cats that live in cities around the world. Their style and life can be sympathized with humans, and the characters born with the birth of the media have developed as a common means of dialogue for people living in the same society. Today, art uses pop culture as a method. Therefore, I wanted to consider the superiority of individuals that respected individuals more than the coexistence of society and art. Using a medium called characters, we aim to create works that can communicate with people from different countries, environments, generations, and status, with a unique personal interpretation of global political, economic and social issues.